handmade | flower garland

the arts + crafts loving little girl in me loves the crafty opportunities that shop ownerdom presents. the shop has a bay window facing rose avenue + it's so fun to get creative with the window decor to celebrate holidays + seasons. 

with valentines day approaching, i decided to make my own valentines-y flower garland. it was fun + easy to make + turned out beautifully. here are some snaps of the process:
simple supplies: fresh flowers, twine, scissors

we began with an early morning trip to the LA flower mart. while pink roses felt appropriate, i'm partial to wild floral arrangements...so i balanced the sweetness of the roses with earthy additions. the inherent rawness of eucalyptus was a nice accent + i used wild/cabbagey roses.  

the size of my window called for about 12 small hanging bouquets + i made each one a little different to create a naturally gathered vibe. i strung the 12 boquets together with raw twine + looped either end on a small nail. the left over flowers have become our february gift wrap for the shop.

this little project has brought us so much inspiration. i'll definitely revisit this technique as i party plan with my bride-to-be friends in the coming months. i hope you enjoy + find inspiration in it too!



meet | lily

a note from lily:

(shop renovations: lily tearing off the paper window + neighbor john hand painting the sign.)


the new shop

lanna lyon by clara balzary for the new www.lilyashwell.com

feeling inspired to show my clothes in their natural habitat, i have lovingly curated a selection of vintage pieces, found objects, and art to coexist with my collections. www.lilyashwell.com has evolved into an online concept shop.

while imagining the woman who wears my clothes, i envision the tchotchkes that bring warmth to her home, the sketches in her notebook and the paintings on her wall. i think about what she's reading and what she's listening to. all these little details bring her to life and it feels harmonious to see my collections in this all-encompassing environment.

in the spirit of one-of-a-kind vintage treasures, i'll be creating limited edition collections every week, available exclusively at www.lilyashwell.com.  using vintage and dead-stock fabric, our production runs will be tiny, sometimes making only 1's and 2's of our favorite silhouettes.

this shift feels very personal and true to me. i hope the new shop resonates with you too.

first batch of limited edition pieces + vintage finds for the new shop



it's been a long time since my failed attempt at starting a blog and i'm finally feeling inspired to get this thing rolling. i've felt a bit foggy this past year and am so thankful to be experiencing a period of clarity and decisiveness! i'm switching things up in all corners of my life and have been feeling creative and thus fulfilled. while i love making clothes, it's also my job, and i realize how important it is i also create for creations sake. i have found much peace and inspiration lately in this purity. must remember to remember 

here is a video i made this past weekend inspired by a dream i had. its called "nightbloom"

nightbloom from lily ashwell on Vimeo.


fall 2013

the fall collection is about to launch, so i think its fitting to make the first blog post about my design process for the collection. there is so much love that goes into creating a new collection and most people only ever see the end result.  i feel inspired to start sharing the journey with anyone who wants to listen/watch/feel!
i always keep a journal and i've included various clippings from my fall 2013 design diaries.
here's a kind of manifesto i wrote while conceptualizing the collection:
  (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) a narrative from my scrapbook, setting the scene for the collection

 (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) a spread from my scrapbook showing inspiration for fall2013 knits

i also spent some time obsessing over old dustbowl images and sissy spacek in coal miners daugher...